Star Wars The Old Republic – Datacron Location – Balmorra, Willpower

Datacrons boost your primary stats permanently. This one is +4 willpower for me as republic player.

Codex entry: Galactic History 55: The Ascension of Exar Kun

Loc: -781, 2067

In Gorinth Canyon, Take the 3 bridges out of Gorinth Outpost then cross the pipe and drop down to this datacron.

Many sources sudgest taking 3 bridges, however the 3rd bridge is broken in the middle. You must go farther around.

Simply use Quick Travel or run to Lower Markaran Outpost and head directly south, soon as you enter the new area, cross the pipe, follow a small path and jump down tot he datacron.

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If you can’t use Quick Travel to Lower Markaran Outpost. Go around as shown.


Go to the cliff soon as you enter the Gorinth Canyon.  Notice on your map there is some beam connecting to sides of the cliff, that is the pipe.


Go across.


Stick to the smooth small path hugging the mountain and go around.


Once you reach the south side of the mountain, stop and look down the cliff.


Jump down and claim your willpower datacron.


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